Cub Scout Secret Agent Institute

For our Blue and Gold Banquet in 2013, our theme was Secret Agents. The kids had a blast! We had sunglasses, mustaches, and name badges as part of the fun.


I made badges for the boys and we put them in name tag holders for them to wear and keep. Of course, real spies aren’t going to wear it around their neck or even have it on them, but it was fun nonetheless. I wanted to share my file for others to use too. The 3″x2″ PSD version to edit can be found here, the 4″x3″ PSD version to edit can be found here, the 3″x2″ blank JPG version here, and finally the 4″x3″ blank JPG version here.

Wolf and Bear Tracking Sheets

Several years ago, I came across my friend, Jessica’s, post about tracking her wolf cub scout’s requirements.  I loved the look, and chose to utilize her idea and do one for wolf and bear.  Here are my versions:


Pinewood Derby Car Display – Freebie

I just helped with my first Pinewood Derby last night. I learned a lot about how it’s run, and I would do a few things differently. We already had some Speed Racer decorations from a previous race, so I just supplemented by printing’s signs, certificates from SugarBeeCrafts, modified car inspection lists from, and these rules that we changed to be our own.  Gratefully we didn’t need to worry about a track because we paid someone to come set his up and run the whole race.  It was such a blessing to not need to worry about that part!

I searched for ways to display the cars on the table in a simple, inexpensive way that also kept the cars from rolling.  I found one online from derby stop, but our budget was limited.  So, I made my own paper derby car display. It’s simple, which is what I’m all about right now.  :)

  • Print on cardstock, preferably white for photo opportunities
  • Holds 3 cars per page, so print only what you need
  • Score along the lines, and fold. The folds create a sort-of well for the wheels of the car
  • Write in the numbers for the cars in the Circles
  • Place wheels on the printed tracks in the wells of the paper

Instructions Graphic

Download here:

For more Pinewood Derby ideas, visit my Pinterest Page:

If you find this helpful, I’d love to hear about it. Leave me a comment below!

Privilege and Potential

I love this video. It makes me think. Am I living up to my potential and partaking of the joy and blessings Heavenly Father has for me? Sometimes the answer is no and other times it is yes. I’m grateful for the opportunities I have to better myself and partake of the joy my Lord has for me. What about you?

Plan of Salvation

My oldest daughter, Ella, was working on her Personal Progress this past Sunday, Faith #6 to be exact, and I was impressed by her simple drawing of the Plan of Salvation. I thought I’d share it here. Enjoy.