Happy 12th Birthday, Ella!  She’s now officially a young woman! We gave her some roller blades and some items that she can officially use now that she’s old enough (i.e. mascara, colored lip gloss, and a makeup bag for them).  She had her birthday party Friday because her birthday was going to be so busy. She has a few friends over for lunch, games, and cake. Then had a recital as practice for the federation festival. Saturday she had federation, and a little down time at home, a Stake Mother/Daughter dinner, and then the General Young Women’s Meeting at the Conference Center downtown.  She was very excited, and we both had a great time!


Ella’s violin festival went well. She received a Superior at the National Federation Junior Festivals today playing the violin.  She’s been playing for about a year now.  What a great birthday!

My oldest two girls are writing a book for the Young Writers Program through NaNoWriMo.org. My 11yo daughter, Ella, has a goal to write 8000 words by the end of November. She’s already written 2074 words! I’m so proud of her. She even stayed up late last night because she didn’t want to forget the next part of her book. I’ve been typing it in for her–it would take her too long at this point–but so far it’s a pretty interesting story. I know I wasn’t writing stories like that at her age.

My 9yo daughter, Aurora, isn’t as excited as Ella is, but she’s wants to do it. Her goal is 3500 words. It may be set a little high for her. She has the story in her head, but she doesn’t quite have a grasp of explaining what’s going on yet. She likes to have a lot of dialogue, but there are missing pieces in the story. We had a conversation about it, and I know she’ll get it.

As for me, I’m not writing a novel at all. I still need to finish my mentor training packet to be an official Thoughts Alive Mentor. That’s my goal for the end of November. Then I can work on my website and get that live. I’m going with the flow though and getting my home and family in order, working on my relationships with my family, and working on my spirituality more. My writing is coming along, but I’m not dropping everything to get it done. I feel more confident in what I’m doing than every before, and I know it’s what I need to do, for myself and my family.

I’m still here. After Forum, my family and I had some catch-up time together, and I’ve been trying to stay away from the computer, although it keeps drawing me back due to other duties and callings…Primary, AYLI Secretary, Liberty Girls Advisor, TJEd Forum Volunteer Coordinator (finishing up!), and a few other things having to do with our homeschool.

I’ve been extra excited about restarting my efforts at being positive and changing my circumstances. I’m tired of being “stuck” and feeling like the change will never get here…oh, and thinking that too…because it won’t ever come if I don’t believe it will! So, I’m restarting, and this time finishing, the Family Time and Money Freedom course written by Leslie Householder. I’ve had it sitting on my shelf for two years and I’ve picked it up off and on to then leave it alone for months on end due to not making time for it and life getting crazy! I’m super excited to be doing it again, and I’ve been faithfully doing it for the past week or so. I love how it keeps me happy and believing despite my current outside circumstances. I can hardly wait to see how things turn about, and I hope to share some of those things with my blog readers too! My friend Emily and I both will be attending the mentor training come September. It will be amazing and so worth it! And I have to say, that having homework again is awesome, especially this kind of homework!!!

If you’re wondering what this course is about, click the image below to find out more. If you feel that sense of, “This is it!” You’re ready for it, if not, maybe it’s not your time or the right thing for you. Try this one instead. It’s free. That being said, I wouldn’t be recommending the Family Time and Money Freedom course if I didn’t believe it would change your life…and mine! It has already changed my life in many ways, and I’m looking forward to sharing more in the future!

Learn to think better, and see what happens!

10 And again, verily I say unto you, all wholesome herbs God hath ordained for the constitution, nature, and use of man—
11 Every herb in the season thereof, and every fruit in the season thereof; all these to be used with prudence and thanksgiving.

Doctrine and Covenants 89:10-11

My kids have been ill this weekend. My 3yo daughter, Wendy, wanted to have something to put in her tummy since food wasn’t an option. I asked her if she wanted some herbal tea. Her response makes for the perfect motto:

“Herbal tea is good for me!”

I made some Peppermint and Red Raspberry Leaf tea for all my ill kids. I enjoyed some myself. I really need to make herbal tea more often. My sweetie used to make me some every morning while I was pregnant (and sometimes when I wasn’t), and I’ve gotten out of the habit of drinking it daily. I grew up with iced tea before I became an active member of my church and realized I shouldn’t be drinking tea made from the tea plant. I avoided all teas for a while (including herbal) even though my mom said it was okay to drink herbal tea. I didn’t understand why there was a difference until I did my own research on the subject.

Herbal tea is a process of infusing an herb’s properties into water. It’s prepared the same way as the tea plant is prepared in a “tea”, but herbal infusions are not against the Word of Wisdom. I don’t drink my infusions hot, but I love them warm! There’s nothing like a cup of warm, delicious, healthy for you, herbal tea and snuggling into a soft blanket and reading a good book. I think I’ll do that….right after I make dinner and the graham crackers I’ve been craving.