I am geared up and ready to go, and I am getting fit today! I’ve been getting up early (5:30am early) to go walking with my friend Ginger (since a week ago Saturday). I’m feeling better already (ignoring the sore thighs and blisters). I’m going to run the 5K Race for the Cure in May with my mother-in-law’s name on my back! I’m so excited. I’ve not been this excited about anything like this in a long time.

I’ve also opened up my weightloss blog to the public. *gasp* I’m trying to be honest, and yet as positive as I can because that’s what will help get me to my end goal! If you want to hear more about my journey, you can find my blog here: Grace-full Weightloss.

Something I’ve also been doing is termed as The Producer Power Hour. It’s been very enlightening and helpful to me. I’m so much more enthused about what I’m doing every day, even the typical cleaning and changing diapers stuff. I’m taking care of myself and putting all tracks of my life in harmony with one another. It’s an amazing process, and I’m only beginning it. I’m happy and grateful for the results, even before they get here because I know they will come!

So who’s going to join me?

This is my first snack tray since the TJE Forum class on Feeding the Family. Kim Simmerman had some wonderful recommendations to help me spend less time in the kitchen. Her first recommendation was to make a snack tray for my family before I eat my breakfast. The point is that my children will eat the healthy food because it’s there, and I won’t have to fix it for them later when I’m doing something else. So far, it’s been working great! Even I choose the food that’s on the tray over other things I could otherwise eat. This will go a long way in helping my family get more raw fruits and veggies. I can’t wait to put summer fruit on the tray. I miss fresh watermelon and strawberries!

My dear sweet 8 week old baby, Peter, laughed at me today!  He’s been cooing more, but today I was able to get him to laugh.  I tried to capture it on video, but he wouldn’t do it.  Go figure! 

A quick update:  Peter is now about 13 pounds.  We weighed him a few days ago and he was 13 lbs. 3 oz. with his sleeper, onesie, and diaper on.  He’s my big boy, for sure!  He currently has the sniffles.  He’s been really cranky, for him anyway.  I have to suction him several times a day.  He gags on the mucous a lot, and he’s thrown up an entire nursing twice in the past 24 hours.  He’s breathing fine otherwise, no temperature either.  Somehow he manages to be happy despite the head cold.

I’ve had quite the month. I’ve had exhaustion, illness, playgroup at my house, several bbq’s with family and neighbors, and my 10th wedding anniversary too.

Several weeks ago I got a REALLY bad dental infection. My cheek on the right side was very swollen and VERY painful. I had the problem molar pulled (long story, but the short of it is that it already had a root canal done on it and it was one of the two options I had). Between waiting to get into a dentist and time to clear up the infection took several weeks. I lost 6 pounds from not eating for three days. I hadn’t slept in that time either, so once I had pain relief that lasted (unfortunately I was on a strong painkiller), I did little except sleep and force myself to eat. I think I was already anemic, but the whole illness only made it worse (low-iron makes your immune system weaker). So, I’ve been trying to increase my iron, but I was afraid of taking too much. I’m not so worried about that now though. I need to be eating more protein to keep my blood sugar regulated through the day as well.

We’ve enjoyed David’s new bbq. We’ve had several neighbor families over to eat with us, and the bbq saves us from having to heat up the kitchen much. Yay! We even fed the missionaries too. It’s been nice to have company, but sometimes I’m just not up to getting my house to where I think it should be before inviting others over.

The tiredness is what has been the hardest part of this pregnancy, and it effects much of our daily life. I wish I could say I was getting tons of reading done, but alas, I can’t. I did finish the 7th HP book in two days. I’ve been scanning through How Children Learn by John Holt, and I’ve begun reading Emma by Jane Austen as well. I’m now 18 weeks along. My midwife came over this morning for a prenatal. Everything looks great so far, but she forgot a few things in her other car so she’ll be coming back when David is home Tuesday evening. :) I love not having to go out for prenatals!

Saturday a neighbor and I bottled apricots and made apricot jam. It was fun, but very tiring for me. It took all day to get it all done. We picked apricots, washed them, halved them, took out the pits, and either bottled them or made jam out of them (which was more time consuming than just bottling them).

I bottled 5 quarts of peaches today from my father-in-law’s tree. The peaches are a pain to get the pit out of, but the large bag he brought over last night is now preserved. It took me a couple hours by myself, but it’s done! It feels nice to have bottles of apricots and peaches as well as apricot and strawberry jam all preserved in our food storage.

The biggest and best news is that David and I had our 10th Wedding anniversary last week on the 18th. We went to dinner and a session at the Jordan River Temple. We’ll be going to the Anniversary Inn this weekend (it was going to be last weekend, but plans change when you’re babysitter can’t do it then). My mom will be taking my oldest 2 girls overnight, and my babes will be with my sister-in-law, Jennifer (who will be married later this year and won’t be able to babysit much longer–she’ll be moving to Idaho). It’ll be so nice to get away. The last night David and I spent away from all the kids was….was….I can’t remember it’s been so long. I’m just hoping Wendy will cooperate and sleep well for Jennifer. Lightning doesn’t usually have trouble sleeping, but Wendy might. She’s a better sleeper than she used to be though, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s hard to believe that David and I have been married for 10 years now. It’s been a wonderful 10 years. He’s such a sweetheart who takes such good care of me. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. I love you honey!

So I’ve been trying to eat better and exercise more. A couple weeks ago I realized that despite eating well and walking more, I was so exhausted. At first I thought that I wasn’t eating enough, but then I discovered the real reason…I’m expecting another baby! I’m technically due around Christmas Eve, but I’m expecting the baby to come in the new year because my babies have always been late. My first, Ella (now 8 yo), was born 3 days late after an induction (which I’ll NEVER do again!). My second, third, and fourth babies all came in their own time: Aurora (almost 6 yo) was 1 week late, Lightning (almost 4 yo) was 2 days late, and Wendy (2 yo) was born 13 days late. So I figure I’ll have a new baby at the beginning of 2008 instead of the end of 2007. I’m feeling blah, but I haven’t really been nauseous despite being almost 7 weeks along. No food really sounds good to eat, especially the junk food. I’ve been eating a lot of fruit, and for some reason bread doesn’t even sound good. That makes it hard to fix sandwiches. Oh-well, I’ve been at least eating and not throwing up. I only hope that I don’t begin to feel worse.