My dear, sweet friend and midwife, Cathy, came for my 6 week postpartum visit today. I knew this day was coming. I didn’t want it to, not because that meant my baby was 6 weeks already, but because I knew I wouldn’t see Cathy after our visit as much as I had during pregnancy and birth. She brings such peace to our home when she visits. I am so blessed to have her in my life. There’s a connection between women and their midwives that can’t be described, and I feel a strong connection to Cathy. She’s shared two beautiful, memorable times in my life…the birth of two of my babies. How can I not feel a connection to her? Her trust and reassurance was always there to help me get through the difficulties of pregnancy and birth. When I didn’t feel very happy about my birth, she made me see it from a different perspective and see it for the miracle that it was. Her eyes helped me to see it in a whole new way and learn to love the peacefulness of the event. She truly loves what she does and cares for each of her mamas in ways I can only imagine. I look up to her so much and find it an honor to be considered her friend.

Thank you, Cathy for being who you are. I’m so blessed to be a part of your life. You know, I love you!

My midwife, Cathy, came by this morning and caught me by surprise in my jammies. I wasn’t expecting her until next week for my 6 week postpartum visit. She thought it was week 6 already. I’ve missed seeing her, so when my daughter, Aurora, said it was Cathy at the door I was so glad! We talked for a few minutes, and she held baby Peter (who is now almost 12 pounds!). She had a gift for little Peter…a book called On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman. It’s a darling book! I’m supposed to give her a gift, not the other way around. How sweet is that!?!

I can’t rave enough about her. It’s the little things that she says and does that makes me love her as my midwife and friend. She has experience as a midwife, but her “bedside” manner is amazing. She knows what I need, and if I can’t tell her in my own words, she seems to just sense and know what it is. She’s like part of the family. After two pregnancies and births with her in attendance, how can she not be like family?

She’s starting her own practice. She’s been with another practice, but now she’s going it alone. As far as I know she doesn’t have a website, and she’s just using word of mouth for now. If anyone wants to know her contact info, please feel free to contact me.

(this picture is from Wendy’s birth)

I’m in my 39th week. I’m not surprised at all that I’m still pregnant, although I thought it was possible I was in early labor last night. I kept having lots of pressure waves, but I could tell they weren’t working my cervix like when I’m in labor. I wasn’t thirsty (I’d drank a quart of Red Raspberry/Spearmint tea only a few hours earlier). I could have been the weather (it’d been windy most of the day and then a huge snow storm hit in the evening), or my body was just gearing up for the birth soon. I didn’t feel well when I woke up around 2 am, but after taking some raw vinegar and honey for my indigestion (yes, it really works!), I sat up and began reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth again. I needed to read some of the birth stories to help me feel better about my upcoming birth. I’m not quite prepared for this baby yet. I keep visualizing Christmas night. The baby is going to be born close to Christmas anyway, why not have it on Christmas? :D

I’m excited, but I have a few last minute things that I believe are helping to keep me from giving birth yet. I still need to finish up Christmas shopping and baby shopping. I need to get the kids Christmas Eve p.j.’s (my family tradition) and a few things for the stockings still. I have no idea what to get my dad or my in-laws either. I have many gifts already for the kids, I just need to wrap them now. I also want to buy myself a nice gown or top for my birthing time. I got $30 for my Birthday last month that I’ll use for that.

I don’t have newborn diapers yet and socks for this little one coming next week (yes, it will be next week!). I’m also at a loss for clothes because I don’t know what gender the baby is and it’s my first Winter baby so I don’t even have clothes from my other children for this little one.  All my other babies were Spring babies. I have a few essentials like a few nightgowns, sleepers, and onesies though. I even have a mint green bunting (although I’d consider it more of a boy color than a girl, it would work).  I have several slings that I can use, although I want to make myself a wrap.  I think I’ll shop for the fabric after the baby is born though.  David bought a very large stocking to take a picture of the baby in for Christmas (our babies always come in large sizes). I thought it was cute.

My most recent prenatal on Wednesday went well.  Everything is looking great.  My blood pressure is in a very good range, and I’ve been drinking more so the strip looked good too.  I’m measuring 43.5 cm at 39 weeks–totally normal for me though.  David keeps joking about having more than one in there, but I’d be so much bigger.

Anyway, I have things I need to finish up today.  I’ll write later…