I’m in my 39th week. I’m not surprised at all that I’m still pregnant, although I thought it was possible I was in early labor last night. I kept having lots of pressure waves, but I could tell they weren’t working my cervix like when I’m in labor. I wasn’t thirsty (I’d drank a quart of Red Raspberry/Spearmint tea only a few hours earlier). I could have been the weather (it’d been windy most of the day and then a huge snow storm hit in the evening), or my body was just gearing up for the birth soon. I didn’t feel well when I woke up around 2 am, but after taking some raw vinegar and honey for my indigestion (yes, it really works!), I sat up and began reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth again. I needed to read some of the birth stories to help me feel better about my upcoming birth. I’m not quite prepared for this baby yet. I keep visualizing Christmas night. The baby is going to be born close to Christmas anyway, why not have it on Christmas? :D

I’m excited, but I have a few last minute things that I believe are helping to keep me from giving birth yet. I still need to finish up Christmas shopping and baby shopping. I need to get the kids Christmas Eve p.j.’s (my family tradition) and a few things for the stockings still. I have no idea what to get my dad or my in-laws either. I have many gifts already for the kids, I just need to wrap them now. I also want to buy myself a nice gown or top for my birthing time. I got $30 for my Birthday last month that I’ll use for that.

I don’t have newborn diapers yet and socks for this little one coming next week (yes, it will be next week!). I’m also at a loss for clothes because I don’t know what gender the baby is and it’s my first Winter baby so I don’t even have clothes from my other children for this little one.  All my other babies were Spring babies. I have a few essentials like a few nightgowns, sleepers, and onesies though. I even have a mint green bunting (although I’d consider it more of a boy color than a girl, it would work).  I have several slings that I can use, although I want to make myself a wrap.  I think I’ll shop for the fabric after the baby is born though.  David bought a very large stocking to take a picture of the baby in for Christmas (our babies always come in large sizes). I thought it was cute.

My most recent prenatal on Wednesday went well.  Everything is looking great.  My blood pressure is in a very good range, and I’ve been drinking more so the strip looked good too.  I’m measuring 43.5 cm at 39 weeks–totally normal for me though.  David keeps joking about having more than one in there, but I’d be so much bigger.

Anyway, I have things I need to finish up today.  I’ll write later…

Well, I’m measuring large as usual. I’ve grown 1.5 cm since my last appointment two weeks ago. I’m measuring 37.5 cm at 33.5 weeks. My bloodpressure is fine (lower than normal for me), and the baby’s heartbeat is 140’s-150’s. The baby is very active, especially in the evenings. It’s fun to watch the baby move when I’m leaning back. I can feel a foot or knee from time to time. I’m excited to meet this little one. Finding a name for the baby has been a problem, but I’ll come up with something I’m sure. I am considering a girl’s name, but I’m not set on it yet. As for a boys name, I haven’t picked one. So, since last time I had a boys name picked, and I ended up having a girl maybe that means I’ll have a boy since I don’t have a name for a boy. :)

My midwife, Cathy, gave a wonderful gathering for her clients this last Saturday. It was so nice to meet other moms (many outside of my friendship circle) that were not only homebirthing, but using the same midwife as I am. Cathy was a student midwife when I had baby Wendy in 2005. (She passed tests and became a CPM later that year.) I felt more connected with her than with my previous midwife, although I still love my first midwife as well. It took a couple prenatals to warm up to Cathy, although maybe it was the other way around. After that, I totally loved her! Cathy seems more spiritually connected with me somehow. She seems to know what I want without me having to tell her, and she listens to all my concerns and seems to know just what to say to make me feel better. She announced at the gathering that she was leaving the practice she’s at and beginning her own. She had talked to my husband a couple weeks before about it for a reference to an attorney to help her. After Saturday’s gathering, I am confident that she will have no problem finding and keeping clients. The other women there seemed to be connected with her as well. One sweet mom was due anytime, and was quite emotional although it was a happy emotional. She’s been waiting so long for this baby, and we all couldn’t help but want to hug her.

Pregnancy and birth is a wonderful time. I’m focusing on the baby coming after Christmas (I’m technically due Christmas Eve). Cathy said she thinks Christmas night would be good. I could actually handle that, assuming my dh is willing to help get the Christmas mess cleaned up. :) Maybe I’ll have that strong nesting instinct and help clean up, although I really should save some of that energy for the birth. I keep telling myself and the baby that Christmas night is a good time to have a baby. Can you imagine the Christmas tree lit, the smells of Christmas surrounding you,  and birthing your baby in that environment? I love the Christmas atmosphere already, but to have a baby at the same time, oh, that would be wonderful!

David’s sister, Jennifer, is finally “officially” engaged! They have been engaged for a few weeks now, but I have been busy and slacking in my blogging. Anyway, they’re getting married November 16th in the Salt Lake Temple. It’s been quite the adventure and stress for them to plan the wedding in such a short time, plus he just went back up to BYU Idaho for the semester. So he’s not in town to help out anymore with plans. The last three weeks they’ve been spending a ton of time planning most of it. They had engagement pics done on Labor day, so hopefully they can get the invites printed and addressed in the next month or so.

Crazy me, told her that I’d make her a quilt for her wedding like I did for my brother last year for his wedding. I had a lot more time with my brother’s quilt, than I have with hers. Oh, and my mom had my brother’s professionally quilted which saved time for me too. I’m going to need lots of help quilting this quilt for my sister-in-law. I’m trying to finished piecing it together. I have all the “lover’s knot” squares sewn pieced together, as well as the center square of the SL Temple which I paper pieced. The other squares are solid colors, but 4 of them have embroidery on them (names, dates, etc…). That’s the most time consuming part of it at the moment. I’m trying to get those done so I can sew the top together. Then of course, I have to get the back done and the border before I can quilt it. Oh, and I need to have a quilting frame that doesn’t take up my whole living room since I need it for our Liberty Girls group.

There are times I feel overwhelmed at doing it all myself, but it’s fun and fulfilling. I’m really trying to balance all the things I’m doing, but there are times I’d really rather concentrate on my pregnancy and the baby coming. It’ll all get done, but not without my Heavenly Father’s help! I’ve been blessed tremendously by Him already. I know when I ask for more, He’s there to help me through it.

Baby Wendy isn’t such a baby anymore.  She’s finally in her own big girl bed in my son’s room.  We’d tried several times to move her toddler bed into my son’s room, but she always ended up in with me anyway before morning.  I wasn’t sleeping much, and neither was she.  I had pulled my lower back a bit earlier this week.  It was hard to get out of bed having a toddler bed right next to it, so David and I decided that we’d finally get a big girl bed for Wendy.

David went and bought the frame and bunkboard at the DI.  We had the mattress already, but we didn’t have the bedding.  So, the girls (all 3 of them) and I went shopping for some bedding for Wendy.  We ended up at K-mart in hopes they had a girly comforter whether princess or not.  Well, they didn’t have princess ones in stock, so we decided upon Winne the Pooh.  We’re on our way to the checkout when I asked Wendy if she’s sure she’ll be okay with Winnie the Pooh instead of Princess bedding.  She of course shook her head and told me she wanted the princess stuff.  Ugh!  What was I thinking???  Why did I ask her that?  So we go back to the bedding and look for something else.  Of course, I didn’t find anything different than before, when Wendy decides that “Princess Dora” will be suitable.  Although Dora wasn’t princessy at all, but she said she wanted it.  Thank goodness!  K-mart had that in stock.  The sheets and comforter were even on sale ($40 for both).  Whew!  I didn’t want to go to another store, and we were all hungry for dinner by then.  Wendy hugged her sheets the whole way to the checkout.  That was cute!

We got home, ate, and then David put the bed together for Wendy.  Of course it was a play area for everyone for a little while (my son’s bed and Wendy’s are end to end on one wall).  I kept talking to Wendy about her sleeping in her big girl bed all night.  She kept nodding her head, and I’m happy to say the first night she slept all night in her bed.  She woke up around 7:30 am Sunday morning and came in to cuddle.

I slept quite well, except that my 6yo dd, Aurora, was sick (throwing up sick).  Then last night, Wendy slept all night in her bed again!!!  I slept all night except for a bathroom break.  I’ve felt much more refreshed having slept most of the night uninterrupted.  If I can get a lot of sleep for the rest of the pregnancy, I’ll be in good shape.  Now, if I can only get to bed early enough to get more sleep.  Ugh!  I have too many things to do!  :)