Did you know there are natural laws governing prosperity? It’s not luck that brings you prosperity, but natural laws that do. If you follow them, you will prosper. I’d never before realized that laws like the Law of Relativity, Polarity, or “nature abhors a vacuum” governed my family’s prosperity, particularly financial prosperity. It’s been very eye opening to me to learn more about how these laws work for or against what I want in life. These natural laws affect me whether or not I believe they do. Like the Law of Gravity. It doesn’t matter if I like it or want it to affect me, it does anyway.

Did you also know that your thoughts have more of an influence on your circumstances than you realized? It’s amazing to me that the things I think about are really determining what I get in life, whether it’s money or something else. You know the saying, watch what you ask for because you just might get it? Or how about don’t tell your child to “not run” or “don’t trip” because they just might? Well, it’s so true. What we focus on comes to fruition unless we change those thoughts. It’s like planting seeds. You can plant lots of seeds and when you nourish and take care of them your plant will grow.  If you plant or allow a weed to grow, you can’t expect something better from it.  You need to rip it out of the ground to kill it and plant something better in its place.

I’m probably not making much sense, but I hope to write more about what I’m learning in order to make it more clear. It all started when I was wanting to get back on track with our finances (we were in great shape monetarily, but I wanted to keep it that way), so I was reading Janine Bolon’s blog: The Money Muse. I was exploring her related links page when I stumbled across this website: Thoughts Alive. I thought it was a strange title for a website about money, but I felt compelled to check it out. Everything I read told me I should dig deeper. The site owner, Leslie Householder, had written a few books. So, I decided to check The Jackrabbit Factor out from the library. I read nearly every one of Leslie’s pages on her website. I couldn’t get enough of it. Everything rang true to me. It made me realize that what I thought actually had a deep and lasting effect on what I was given or not given. My husband must have thought I was nuts because I couldn’t help sharing what I read. I kept talking about it for weeks.

When The Jackrabbit Factor came in for me at the library, I gobbled it up. I talked more and more about it until I finally convinced David to read it before it came due at the library. He read it quickly, and I was able to discuss it with him and get new insight from him. The book did not feel like it was enough for me. I wanted to read Leslie’s other book, Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help With Your Money Matters, but the library didn’t have it. I felt strongly about buying the Family Time and Money Freedom Home-study Course. I knew it was a chunk of change, but I was confident it would help us both internalize the information and apply it better, especially with my husband’s likely unemployment after Christmas and a baby due at the same time.

We prayed about the purchase and felt right about it. It arrived on my birthday, November 26th. I was so excited to open it and read it all, but alas life throws challenges. I could not look through it for a few days. David and I began reading it together. We got through the first few lessons and got stuck because so many other “things” were getting in the way of completing more. I believe it’s because we needed more time to process the lessons and internalize them before we could move on.

I wish I could say I was able to get through the lessons quickly and easily (it’s a 12 week course after all), but it took me over two years. We had challenges occur which I allowed to set me back and temporarily defeat me. The knowledge I gained from reading and listening to Leslie Householder kept coming back to my mind. I knew what she had to share was the answer to my challenges. Well, I finished the course within a month once I decided I was going to do it no matter what! I had signed up for the Thoughts Alive Mentor Training and knew I needed to complete the course before the training event. That month was not without its own challenges, but I knew what they were–tests–and I kept moving forward despite outward appearances to move into a higher plane of learning and growth…as well as graduating with Honors.

All of the information Leslie has presented has been life-changing, fascinating, and impactful. If any of this information resonates with you, I recommend you look into educating yourself!

We have been working on goal and affirmation statements of late and have had a fair amount of inspiration from this gem from Marianne Williamson’s poem:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?
Actually who are we not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine as children do.
We were born to make manifest
the glory of God that is within us.
It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.
And when we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.”

My husband had rewritten the above poem to make it in the first person with many “I” statements to personalize it. We read it for months. It was working for a while, but it seemed to have a sneaky undermining issue. As we repeated it over and over to ourselves, it reinforced that we were afraid of our own greatness and genius. Using this poem as a spring board, my husband and I rewrote it for our own purposes. Here is our new affirmation statement:

I am powerful beyond measure.
It is God’s light that empowers me.
I am a Child of God and a portion of that light is within me.
I am healthy, brilliant, gorgeous, talented, wealthy, generous, and fabulous.
My playing large is the best way to serve the world.
I shine, as children of God naturally and gracefully do.
I manifest the Glory of God that is within me and I see the Glory of God in everyone.
I let my own light shine and empower others to do the same.
Because I am liberated by knowing who I am, my presence automatically liberates others.

Brandi Palmer

Update 08.01.2011: I have included an audio file here if you would like to listen to it daily.  I’d love to hear your results in using it.

Do you like the new look of my blog? I found this website that has some great free WordPress templates. I love the look of mine – it’s called Wood Fence. I hardly had to change anything at all in the coding, just my sidebar to look the way I wanted it to. What do you think? Anyone? Anyone?

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I’ve been pondering having my own blog giveaway using the vacuum law of prosperity. It’s big enough that I’m still a bit hesitant to make the jump. It won’t be something inexpensive like hair ribbons or some craft/sewing project I did. No, it’s something bigger, at least it’s big to me. Come back to see if I have followed through with it.

Update: I changed the requirements to comment. Anyone can comment, I have to approve it, and you no longer need to be registered. Thanks, Tamra for the advice on the spam filter!

I’m still here. After Forum, my family and I had some catch-up time together, and I’ve been trying to stay away from the computer, although it keeps drawing me back due to other duties and callings…Primary, AYLI Secretary, Liberty Girls Advisor, TJEd Forum Volunteer Coordinator (finishing up!), and a few other things having to do with our homeschool.

I’ve been extra excited about restarting my efforts at being positive and changing my circumstances. I’m tired of being “stuck” and feeling like the change will never get here…oh, and thinking that too…because it won’t ever come if I don’t believe it will! So, I’m restarting, and this time finishing, the Family Time and Money Freedom course written by Leslie Householder. I’ve had it sitting on my shelf for two years and I’ve picked it up off and on to then leave it alone for months on end due to not making time for it and life getting crazy! I’m super excited to be doing it again, and I’ve been faithfully doing it for the past week or so. I love how it keeps me happy and believing despite my current outside circumstances. I can hardly wait to see how things turn about, and I hope to share some of those things with my blog readers too! My friend Emily and I both will be attending the mentor training come September. It will be amazing and so worth it! And I have to say, that having homework again is awesome, especially this kind of homework!!!

If you’re wondering what this course is about, click the image below to find out more. If you feel that sense of, “This is it!” You’re ready for it, if not, maybe it’s not your time or the right thing for you. Try this one instead. It’s free. That being said, I wouldn’t be recommending the Family Time and Money Freedom course if I didn’t believe it would change your life…and mine! It has already changed my life in many ways, and I’m looking forward to sharing more in the future!

Learn to think better, and see what happens!

This weekend was filled with lots of love, joy, work, and tears. I had so much fun working with so many people, 3 in particular: Emily Clawson, Diann Jeppson, and Annette Jones. They are amazing women, and I’m so blessed and grateful to have had the privilege of working with them on the Salt Lake TJEd Forum put on by TJEd MarketPlace and co-sponsored by TJED Online. Being the Volunteer Coordinator was right up my alley!  I can’t even describe my experience in words that would be adequate, and it’s not just because I’m still exhausted.

To give you an understanding as to why my jackrabbit factor moment was significant to me, I need to begin with a little background information.   I only hope I can describe it well in writing.

Part of the revenue to produce the TJEd Forum comes from every seminar class and keynote being recorded to sell for downloads.  Of course, the recordings are also to benefit those who attended and those who couldn’t as well.  I don’t know about you, but listening to a seminar over and over again is what sometimes keeps me inspired and pressing forward!  Download sales are vital to keep costs down for attendees.

Each seminar room has a recorder and a room host in charge of each classroom and recorder. All of them were trained on how to use them and were given a recorder by our audio technician, Jerry Winters–who was awesome too by the way! One of the hosts was late for the training, and hadn’t received a recorder. I assumed this room host leader had his recorder or that the audio tech still had it. The Jerry said he had given out all of the recorders. I assumed that meant he had given out 14 recorders to my 14 room hosts. So someone had to have an extra one, right?

Gratefully I had room host leaders to help me do quick searches.  (Room host leaders are a few volunteers assigned to several room hosts so I didn’t have to run around fixing problems all by myself!)  I had the leaders check with each room host and each classroom to ensure that someone didn’t have two recorders or that a recorder wasn’t left in a room. I even had 2 people from the registration/information office (which was blessedly slow at the time) check each room as well as I tried to figure out what else I could do. Mind you, the keynote address was finished and everyone was moving out to find the seminar they wanted to attend first–thank heavens for cell phones!!!

I was trying not to panic. I had less than 15 minutes to find this recorder so all the classes could be recorded. I was overwhelmed with a flood of emotions. I knew it wasn’t my fault, but I knew the implications if 5 sessions were missed, especially since they were youth forum ones and would not be repeated!

All of my room host leaders let me know that all of their room hosts had only one recorder and no one found an extra one anywhere.  The registration office assistants said they didn’t find one in any room they checked either.   At that point I told them to make sure the classes were started on time since we couldn’t wait for the recorder.  I had also been in contact with our audio tech and Diann Jeppson, the chairman of the forum.

My emotions were overwhelming me, and I decided I needed to just have a quiet moment to calm down and relax enough to let the Spirit tell me what to do next.  I went into the nearly empty registration office, sat at the back and bowed my head.  I decided that if I was going to cry, it wasn’t going to be negative emotions creating it but positive ones instead.  So I said a prayer of gratitude for finding the recorder and visualized having the recorder in my hands (mind you, I didn’t know what the recorder looked like).  I asked Heavenly Father to guide me to the next step.  The change from negative emotion to positive was clearly apparent to me.  I felt more at peace.  It allowed me to release the fear and let the Spirit speak to my mind.

I stood up from my chair and felt no particular thought or prompting.  So I took action anyway and walked out of the office.  I spoke with the registrar (and one of my best friends, Emily), and we talked for a moment.   Then she said she was sure that I just needed to do something else and it would show up.  (I’m so grateful for her encouragement and reminders of what I knew in my heart to be true!)  I did something–although I couldn’t tell you what– and walked back to the registration office.  Emily reminded me at some point in the brief conversation that some of the adult sessions were being presented twice, or in other words some classes were being recorded twice!  I just needed to find a class in the first session which was being recorded twice and use the recorder in the other room to buy me some time!  We figured out that Leslie Householder’s presentation (she’s the author of The Jackrabbit Factor, Hidden Treasures, and co-author to Portal to Genius) was being done twice in the first session and it was next to the room with no recorder.  I asked Leslie if it was okay to take the recorder and we’d record her second session.  She said, yes, of course!  The room host leader, Shelly, took it to the other room and got it taken care of.

That bought me an hour of time to figure it out.  Shelly came back to talk to me, and we looked over the At-a-Glance schedule to see what we could do if we couldn’t find the recorder.   This is where I was absolutely astounded by how Heavenly Father planned to make this occurrence play out perfectly!

I looked at the second session for the same room Leslie was in.  It was being recorded in another room at another time of day.  Woohoo!  That’s 2 hours time to find the recorder.  The third session was also being recorded another time!  Then the fourth session was as well!  That gave me 4+ hours to find the recorder and still have all the presentation recorded.  I was so excited!!!  The last session in that room was not being presented twice though, so for the last session I needed to find another recorder to switch out.   I couldn’t find one, but then Shelly piped up that the room that we gave the recorder to, wasn’t being used that last session because all of the youth in that room would be in a combined session somewhere else!  We could give that recorder back to the original room!

I could not hold back my excitement!!!  I ran over to tell Emily our good news!!!  At some point, I told Jerry about our solution.  I couldn’t tell Diann yet because she was presenting in the first session, but I couldn’t wait to tell her.

Not 5 minutes later I was told that one of the room hosts had the missing recorder but didn’t need one because she was in one of the big rooms with the audio equipment.  So there weren’t really 14 recorders given out, just 10?  The other 4 rooms had bigger audio equipment and didn’t need the room hosts to do anything regarding the recording equipment.  I didn’t know that it worked that way or I would have checked those room hosts first!  Of all the questions I asked while prepping for the forum, that one I never thought to ask.

I called the room host and tracked it down.  When I held it in my hands I wasn’t as excited about holding as I thought I might be.  Then I realized it was because I felt that emotion during my prayer first!  I walked down to the room host who I took a recorder away from in Leslie’s class, and gave it to the room host for her next sessions.  I told several people of my experience, and of course, recommended Leslie’s books so they could find out more of what I was referring to when I said “Jackrabbit Factor Moment.”  Her booth was right across from the registration office too.  You can get her book for free here.

I was so relieved and physically drained after the recorder was found, yet I was still on an emotional high.   I am eternally grateful to have experienced this event.  It increased my faith and proved God’s love not only for me but also those who would be affected by the outcome.  I was just an instrument in His hands, and I wouldn’t want it any other way!