I find Dr. King’s powerful, peaceful message worth sharing today as our country celebrates the holiday in honor of him. Please take a moment and remember him. Then I encourage you to take a moment and ask yourself, “What is my dream today? What difference can I make in my circle of influence? What injustice, problems, or challenges do I see that I can help solve, even in small ways?” Then make a goal, write it down in detail, pray for inspiration, and then follow the inspiration you receive and do it!

My kids and I enjoyed watching this brief informational video from BrainPop about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. Then we watched Dr. King’s speech starting at about 12 minutes 15 seconds in (for the attention span of my younger kids, the older ones could handle the whole thing just fine).

Happy 12th Birthday, Ella!  She’s now officially a young woman! We gave her some roller blades and some items that she can officially use now that she’s old enough (i.e. mascara, colored lip gloss, and a makeup bag for them).  She had her birthday party Friday because her birthday was going to be so busy. She has a few friends over for lunch, games, and cake. Then had a recital as practice for the federation festival. Saturday she had federation, and a little down time at home, a Stake Mother/Daughter dinner, and then the General Young Women’s Meeting at the Conference Center downtown.  She was very excited, and we both had a great time!


Ella’s violin festival went well. She received a Superior at the National Federation Junior Festivals today playing the violin.  She’s been playing for about a year now.  What a great birthday!

I feel so blessed to have the connections to uplifting and inspiring resources. I LOVE the Mormon Messages Channel on YouTube! There is also the Mormon Messages for Youth Channel as well. Grab a tissue, and enjoy these videos.

I needed the reminder from this video that I am a partner with God in raising His children. I love being a mother, and on the hard days I need to remember that He is with me as much then as He is when it’s easy.


What a beautiful reminder that we are daughters and sons of our Heavenly Father.